Does APWU still encourage tipping your maid and picketing hotels?

I retired from the APWU in 2012. At one time (when Moe Biller was National President), the delegates to the APWU National Convention used to picket a hotel in the city where the convention was held. One hotel in Vegas settled their contract the day after we picketed them. At that time we had about 2000 delegates. That practice stopped when Biller left the Presidency.

I always left the maid a tip as my wife had been a maid. Liz Powell told all the delegates to tip. These people are Union members, more than not. Many hotels are not. Vegas is a Union City.

I know that there are not as many delegates now as then but I find myself wondering, how many of you appreciate the service you get from the maids, or restaurant waitresses for that matter, and if the APWU encourages that?  You should tip when whenever someone serves you.

First Name: Dan
Last Name: Kuralt
Union/Local: Springfield MA Areal Local 497, Retired
Office held if any: Past President and Retiree

2 thoughts on “Does APWU still encourage tipping your maid and picketing hotels?

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Springfield APWU Area local 497
    Email Address

    Hello Artie!

    I remember the Horseshoe well.

    Best wishes brother.

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Queens Area Local 1022
    Office held, if any
    NE Area S&H Rep. Full Dues paying retiree
    Email Address

    Hi Dan,
    I’m sure you remember the time at the Horseshoe hotel “Union YES Horses@#T NO” where some of our Brothers and Sisters were arrested. When on travel APWU delegates are reminded to leave HOUSEKEEPING a tip.
    Good to hear from you Brother. Stay Well.

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