The U.S. Postal Service’s Criminal Assault on the Middle Class, and the Illusion of American Justice

This is What’s Happening to the American Middle Class, Compliments of the U.S. Postal Service. Wake Up, America!!!

Thousands of people have been following the story of Ms. JoAnn Snow’s pursuit of justice within the Los Angeles District of the United States Postal Service. This woman was literally being forced to work for free, as are many others within the postal service. Then when clear evidence was revealed to document her abuse, the officials and governmental agencies mandated to protect her interest closed ranks to protect her abusers, and thereby, the agency’s very lucrative status quo.

OIG_incompetentPrior to deciding to stand up for her rights, Ms. Snow was not only coerced into working twelve hours a day and more, but robbed of her compensation. Then when she decided not to take it anymore, she became the subject of reprisal for having the audacity to complain to the Office of Inspector General – and not only from her bosses, but the OIG’s office itself. But she wasn’t surprised. She was prepared for it, because this is business as usual within the United States Postal Service. As late as yesterday, a manger who is also considering coming forward advised me that she was also being force to work twelve hours a day, six days a week, without proper compensation.

So the interest in this case has been with good cause, because Ms. Snow’s ordeal is the perfect metaphor for the blatant corporate, and now, governmental assault on the American middle class as a whole. But when I promised to keep you abreast of the twists and turns in this particular case, I thought it was simply going to be the story of a middle-class worker’s struggle to finally obtain justice. But instead, it has not only become the story of governmental extortion, threats, and collusion, but the clear demonstration that justice has become nothing more than an illusion for the American middle class.

What makes Ms. Snow’s story so unique, however, is unlike most of us, this lady not only has the backbone to stand up against her own union, but one of the nation’s largest and most brutal agencies. And in doing so she’s refused to be swayed by either money, or the systemic pressure and reprisals that have allowed the government to sweep its gross assault on middle-class workers under the rug. Ms.Snow is motivated by the conviction that shining a light on the millions of dollars a day that the postal service is extorting from its employees should take precedence over the $8,000 of hush-money that they offered to pay her to drop the case. She says, the pursuit of justice also takes precedence over the reprisals that she’s been forced to endure for refusing to cave in.

“Somebody’s got to stand up, so I guess it’s got to be me. I didn’t ask for this, but sometimes God just drops things in your lap. That means he want’s you to hanldle it, so I’m gonna do it.”

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