Thirty-Nine (39) Questions for the APWU Q & A Related to HR 756

Via Bobby Donelson, APWU Southwest Costal Area Local Retiree Chapter President

February 24, 2017
Dear President Mark Dimondstein:

These are questions we have developed in the field and would like to have answers in your Q & A if possible. Most of the Questions were developed by California Union Representatives and Retiree Representatives. We hope this information and suggested questions are helpful in developing the APWU Q & A related to HR 756. We had a telecon on this issue on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 and this is the result.

Final document, the questions 1-35 were submitted on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 and this document has the original 35 plus 4 new questions.

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3 thoughts on “Thirty-Nine (39) Questions for the APWU Q & A Related to HR 756

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Oakland Local #78
    Office held, if any
    Retiree Chapter, President
    Oh What! A coincidence Rep. Cummings, was quoted in a prior postal worker magazine that he “seriously doubts whether the USPS will successfully be able to administer any health plan correctly”!
    Wow! At that time I agreed to the statement. Now he thinks different. I’m asking what changed his thinking and when?

    Is there a clear understanding postal employees are concerned that we have no clue what to expect and rightfully so? This Bill is to help the USPS and all the stakeholders, whomever they are.

    If this is so good and so needed, why haven’t we seen the financial impact whether good or unexpected on the retirees? When can we expect this answer?

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Philadelphia Retiree Chapter
    Office held, if any

    UPDATED MARCH 29, 2017: Legislative Director Beard, President Dimondstein and Phil Tabbita have completed their answers to the questions. Tomorrow (3/30/2017) they go to the attorneys and health plan actuaries for proper vetting.

    Sure is taking a long time to get answers about something the APWU President urged the membership to support and lobby for well over a month ago. Perhaps APWU HQ leadership should have done proper research and vetting on this from the outset, BEFORE a political endorsement was made by the APWU President. Transparency and respect by our paid leaders are paramount in ensuring the continuance of union democracy in the APWU.

  3. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Oakland Local 78 APWU
    Office held, if any
    Local Business Agent
    Medicare integration could very well be signed, sealed, and delivered to every postal employee and retiree soon. There are many questions to be answered before 2019 if this bill becomes law But the central question for me is why are the four unions in total support of this? NALC President Rolando takes credit for much of the language but he does not speak for me. This is a top priority for USPS for many years and it was just handed to them. And at a time when health care may see drastic changes. Is this really the best we can do?

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