Things Not to Say (Or Do) to Your Letter Carrier on Their Lunchbreak

llv_treeBy Mel Carriere – July 30, 2015
“Today’s topic is letter carrier lunches, a subject I think is near and dear to the heart of those of us who swing the satchel for a living, because lunch is that one precious half hour in an otherwise frenzied, feverishly paced, oppressively overburdened day where we can flip the bird at the world and say “Leave me alone I don’t get paid for this.” I eat my daily lunch in the same fairly secluded place where I am largely out of view of postal customers and supervisors alike. 22 years in this business, however, has taught me that if there is one thing that the sometimes mentally deficient, letter carrier annoying public is good at is finding ingenious ways to ruin our lunch. Something tells me that if we could manage to haul our huffing and puffing little LLVs to the top of Everest to take this half hour midday break, thinking we would be safely secluded there, some determined customer from the wrong zip code carrying a 3575 notice left would find a way to scale the sheer ice cliffs with no ropes and no oxygen to ask if we have his package.

A large percentage of these lunch wrecking, peace perturbing customers are well meaning busybodies who perhaps are under the misguided impression that being a government employee means that they pay our salaries, which of course gives them the constitutional right to interrupt the lunch that they don’t really pay for, even if we did get paid for it, which we don’t. On the other hand, other lunch wreckers are just meddling, bombastic jerks with nothing better to do than harass people. The following list of what not to say to do to your letter carrier on his/her lunch break deals with both of these types, and I’m sure you can think of many more clever things not to say or do to you at lunch, which I invite you to share in the comments below.”

More/Source:  The Postal Tsunami by Mel Carriere


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