3 thoughts on “The view from under the bus, part two

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU Area Local 497
    Office held, if any
    Past President and retiree member
    Those days are long gone, John

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Pittsburgh PA Retiree Chapter
    Office held, if any
    President Pgh Local 1974-1994, APWU DIR 1980-1983, President Retiree Chapter
    Anyone interested in picketing APWU Headquarters?

  3. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Michigan State Retiree Chapter, Flint MI Area Local Retiree Chapter
    Office held, if any
    Past President Michigan State Retiree Chapter & Former Central Region National Retiree Representative (a.k.a. Delegate)
    Dan Kuralt expresses concerns many retired members and past leadership have with HR 756. A red flag always goes up when I read that it’s “not a perfect” bill! Okay, rather than always touting the positive aspects of the legislation; exactly what is/are the “imperfect” aspects….unvarnished? I marvel at the statements that it’s “fair” to active members and retirees. Retirees are shouldering the entire weight of the proposed legislation.

    The matters of door-to-door delivery, and preserving 6-day delivery, are primarily NALC issues, but supported by all postal workers, regardless of craft. I could be wrong-headed in thinking the NALC contract negotiations are in an extended status. Would anyone be surprised if NALC’s Rolando has an ace up his sleeve on those 2 vital issues?

    With HR 756 almost universally endorsed by APWU Local & State Union leadership, and supposedly the other 3 postal Unions; I want potential members to the APWU Constitution Committee, and delegates to the 2018 APWU National Convention to give their full, fair, and careful consideration to a Resolution amending the Constitution to provide proportionate retiree Chapter delegate REPRESENTATION in Convention. We earned it! Active members jobs allegedly saved if HR 756 is enacted. If that’s as true as being sold, retired members are owed Big Time!

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