“The Transition of Healing Our Union” by APWU WR Coordinator Omar Gonzalez

A consequence of a spirited election (for lack of a better term) is the real need of a process to transition into the cohesive band of brothers and sisters we must be. It is not easy but possible. It will take time, but time is not something we can let escape us.

The real wolves are at our heels snapping, barking, scratching. They want to rip away our benefits. They want to drag us back to darken dens. They want to privatize us and strip us of our dignity. We don’t have the luxury of festering animosity amongst ourselves. We don’t have time to let wounds heal – We Must Heal Now and Move On!

But what is the process when bitterness enters the politics? What steps can we take to heal the divide that democracy sometimes helps create? What action must we take to get back on track and face the wolves together? The fact is there is no magic wand, no Merlin to cast spells that will automatically let bygones be bygones. No brothers and sisters, the answer to all the above is found in our own APWU National Constitution. Yes, that guide developed over years of internal and external struggle.

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    It has been stated by noted Practioners of Transformation, This life is not about You, and I.
    What will we leave as a footprint for our existence, or will it matter??? Progress, and Peace works well together with “LOVE” !


    The Directors of Organization Locally must resume their duties. The most powerful Unit inside of APWU. All Locals must have Directors of Organization, knowing and performing all the many duties required.
    The Director of Organization must be connected to the Local Area Stakeholders and Developers to get maximum results for Labor.

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    Brother , those powerful words speak volumes toward the necessary hurdles we must hurdle and keep running together. Anything short of that we cause our own demise. Recognize the Needs, Ands, and Wants, together we win !

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    At some point we will need to acknowledge the fact that the number of non-members is at an all time high and of the members 3/4 failed to cast a vote! Solving those two issues alone might show management that we are a force to reckon with. Ignoring these facts will not make them go away.

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    Succinctly stated without any sugarcoating. You can never go wrong if you put yourself in someone else’s shoes; particularly the rank-&-file members. Keep it simple. Speak in layman’s terms & your message will be heard loud & clear. The members have spoken. Time to move on in solidarity. Let’s fight together because “When We Fight, We Win!”

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    It has always been my opinion that in elections where incumbents are seeking re-election to the office they hold, the election is more about judging their past performance in that office than it has anything to do with the challenger or the challenger’s ability to perform the duties of that office.

    In this, incumbents often find themselves the victims of circumstances beyond their control. Recent events beyond the control of the incumbent can stack the deck against them, or they made some bad decisions like the time we got the “Watershed Agreement” and they are held accountable by those who vote for those decisions.

    In the case of President Dimondstein, the complaints about his relationship with others on the Executive Board seem to not have mattered very much to our Membership who voted. And why would they? Most of our Membership deals with far more toxic and hostile working environments each day on the workroom floor that we have become so hardened and jaded to not be impressed by such complaints coming from APWU headquarters. I think the attitude, “Suck it up cupcake” is close to how the majority of our voting Membership reacted to those complaints.

    And I think that our voting membership was satisfied enough with the gains won in last arbitrated contract President Dimonstein and IRD Zimmerman guided us through to not want to chance to change horses this late in that process.

    And our Membership seemed to be confident enough in the Constitutional process of our Rank and File Committee to overlook the bad deal President Dimonstein offered them they rejected. That’s what it’s there for and it worked as it was supposed to this time, unlike the time it didn’t with the “Watershed Agreement.”

    Likewise, VP Szeredy held off all challengers in her race, despite not being on the incumbent President’s Team Slate. That proved to be not enough reason to vote her out of office by the majority of our voting Membership.

    And it was the case with the rest of our incumbent General Officers. Again, I don’t see this as any kind of a reflection on any of the challenger candidates. It was each incumbent’s race to lose and they held on because our voting Membership decided they had performed at least adequately enough in their last term to deserve another, some arguably much better than adequately.

    The bottom line is this, our Membership overlooks petty personal disputes and the drama between our National Officers. What our Membership does not overlook is BAD CONTRACTS!!!

    I warn each and every General Officer incumbent now, you had all better get your sh*t together and figure out some way to work with each other to ensure we a good arbitrated contract. You are all just one “Watershed” away from being purged in the next election if you fail to deliver in arbitration.

    With that said I congratulate every officer who won election/re-election.

    And I want to most sincerely thank every challenger candidate for their hard-fought campaigns. Without each of your dedicated efforts, we would not have a democratic process or a democratic Union. I hope to see some of you elected in future elections.

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