5 thoughts on “Tall Tale, Two Salaries- Too Bad!

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Fayetteville Area Local 984
    Office held, if any
    Ex Clerk Craft Director
    I am a firm believer, you get what you ask for. I personally believe that Tony has been getting away with murder for years. This has not just started.

    I’m amazed by the persons from the executive board who signed the agreement and also happy to see that the real VP did not.

    That’s why in the last election I did not vote for Tony or anyone on the Member’s First, because if you can trust Tony I can not trust you.

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU 984 Fayetteville NC
    I wasn’t going to comment seeing that I’ve only been in Fayetteville for two years coming from Detroit Michigan. When I first came here I needed a change of schedule well I was told that I couldn’t have one because the President of the Union Tony told all stewards not to sign any for the custodians. Now we all know that is discriminating against us. This should be take to a higher level. Doesn’t it state that change of schedules are for the employees benefit? If this has been going on for years then the all custodians from Fayetteville should have filed a class action EEO. Let’s stop complaining about it and come together and do something about it. As for Tony getting double pay well that should be addressed also and Mavis should have become acting president instead of the secretary that’s why it’s called chain of command. I’ve never seen such a disorganized Union. What happened to unity. We are Union and we should be a strong Union against our employer not each other. Why do we need a Union if the leaders are not going to lead and side with management instead of the employees????

  3. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    He has also slottted particular union stewards into positions and from what I know to be true completely overlooked his vice president!! Why- mmm I wonder??? What qualifications does Mary Brumbey have- yet she is the acting interim president and has also refused to sign my change of schedules. Along with Randy Vines, Rhonda Childress, James White, Michael Glenn, Willie Strickland and possibly some I have forgotten. REMINDER THIS HAS HAPPENED FOR YEARS!!! Also, why when I have asked for a union steward is my steward ALWAYS ON VACATION???? So I can assume my particular steward is the VACATION STEWARD??!!! WHAT EXACTLY ARE THEY DOING FOR US- NOTHING EXCEPT HIDING IN THEIR OFFICES OR AT HOME!!!! CAN I ASSUME MARY IS NOT WORKING FOR FREE!! Who pays her? I know I didn’t vote for her or, of course, Tony for that matter. Which brings me to another question HOW OFTEN DO BALLOTS HAVE TO BE RECOUNTED TO CHANGE THE OUTCOME OF AN ELECTION????

  4. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU 984 Fayetteville, NC
    Unfortunately, I for one can attest to the fact that this union has done something!! They have acted in an EXTREMELY SOCIALPATHIC CORRUPT MANNER!! My issue with them stems from the fact that TONY MCKINNON and his gang of union stewards have repeatedly for years denied signing my change of schedule forms which would allow me to then give it to management to approve or disapprove. Without their signature management will not sign mine either. All along his own union stewards have in many cases signed their own changes of schedule request. Change of schedules are a benefit USPS allows its employees yet, because of Tony’s dislike for me-his union has DISCRIMATED AGAINST ME and forced me to use my annual leave when I could have had management approved changes of schedule. All along he has accumulated an abundance of terminal leave???? Really!!!! Does anyone know a good attorney!!

  5. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Fayetteville, NC Local 984
    Are you kidding me? The man did NOTHING for the workers when he really was the president and then we haven’t seen or heard from him in ages and Mr. High and Mighty is getting two salaries and holding a job and a seniority spot on the list? Wow, blown away again by the USPS and it’s slack APWU union.

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