Video: Sunday deliveries bring changes and challenges to United States Postal workers

sunday_deliveryBy Leslie Ackerson – January 11, 2015
(WBIR) One of the oldest practices in US history is making some big changes.  Customers are now receiving packages from the United States Postal Service on Sundays.

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday season, the US Postal Service partnered with Amazon to bring customers deliveries all 7 days of the week. After seeing a lot of success, the practice is continuing into 2015. But for those in the postal business, it’s a big change from everything they’ve ever known.

“Its fine, I mean, as far as the postal service is going to be a career job for me, so sometimes you just gotta adapt to your career.” Ben Kizer said. As a Knoxville postal worker, the changes don’t worry him and are something he sees being positive for the industry. “It should improve it,” Kizer said, “because no other company is offering Sunday deliveries right now, we are kind of leading the way.”

The added day does mix up his daily routine. “During the normal route during the week I just got one specific route that I do,” he said, “with the Sunday package delivery, its several different routes, all the packages put together.” Kizer’s Sunday delivery included 71 packages this week. It’s a course that could take him around four or five hours. However, its work that makes him happy.

“Whenever you knock on the door and someone says you know you made my day by giving me this package today, I’ve been waiting on it. I mean that always makes it a little bit better, to know that someone else is getting satisfaction out of what we do,” he said.

Right now the Sunday deliveries are still in a trial period with Knoxville as one of Amazon’s test markets. Amazon and USPS should decide soon whether the extra deliveries will become permanent.

As for other mail making the rounds on Sunday, there has been no word yet if that is a future possibility.

via Sunday deliveries bring changes and challenges to United States Postal workers.

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