Suicide Prevention: How We Can All Help In The Workplace

Sponsored by the EAP National Joint Committee and the USPS EAS

suicide_preventionThe EAP National Joint Committee (NJC) has prepared a suicide prevention campaign for the workplace. Even talking about suicide prevention can be a sensitive and difficult thing to do. But, learning more about suicide and being prepared to get involved can help save a life. Here are three tools to help you be prepared:

  • Presentation on suicide prevention, How We Can All Help in the Workplace, is a PowerPoint presentation that can help you learn facts about suicide, teach you how you can help, and gives you ways to start a conversation about this difficult topic.
  • The brochure, Information for the Prevention of Suicide, is an accompaniment to the presentation and you can print it to help keep the information available.
  • Suicide Prevention is a quick reference handout that quickly summarizes the material you learned in the presentation and you can use it to help aid in the conversation about suicide prevention with others.

via Suicide: Help is Available.

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