Should the Postal Service Have Fewer Leased Trailers?

usps-oig-banner_originalProject Title: Postal Service Trailer Lease Reduction DRIVE – 1 Initiative
Start Date: Monday, March 21, 2016
Estimated Report Release Date: September 2016

TrailerLeaseReductionIn response to declining mail volume, the U.S. Postal Service needs to adjust its transportation network and processing infrastructure, while reducing costs and maintaining service. In fiscal year (FY) 2011, the Postal Service established 36 Delivering Results, Innovation, Value, and Efficiency (DRIVE) initiatives to improve its business strategy. DRIVE aims to increase revenue and reduce expenses through strategic initiatives with measurable outcomes.

Each strategic initiative has process roadmaps that track whether the initiative remains on schedule and achieves its objectives. DRIVE Ground Transportation Initiative 1.13, which includes leased trailers, is designed to reduce transportation spending by $1 billion from FY 2014 through FY 2017. The initiative’s process roadmap plans to right-size the trailer fleet to increase use by measuring the number of trailer returns and the savings from those returns.

  • Do you think the Postal Service should continue to reduce the number of leased trailers?
  • Have you been impacted by the number of leased trailer reductions?
  • If so, what problems have you encountered because of the reductions?

Source: USPS Office of Inspector General

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