Safety Issues Persist in Postal Facilities, Says IG

Federal Manager’s Daily Report – July 17, 2017
The Postal Service has made progress in addressing safety and security issues at retail facilities but much remains to be done, according to an IG report summarizing a series of individual reports on all seven postal geographic operating areas.

The IG said its auditors initially found “poor and unsafe conditions at all but one of the 149 facilities we visited, including problems with appearance and employee working conditions, as well as roof, lighting, and wiring issues and other safety and security concerns. USPS has made progress toward addressing our recommendations, but hasn’t made all the necessary facility improvements to date.”

In follow-up visits to 10 facilities with significant security and safety issues, it found that some issues remain unresolved. Of another 49 sites, nine either did not provide evidence or provided insufficient evidence that management had remediated the identified conditions.

Limited budgets are not the whole problem, it added, saying that other issues include “management overlooking facility conditions to meet operational needs; employees being unaware of the consequences of not adhering to policy or adequate facility upkeep; or the need for additional training and oversight.”

The IG said it is now starting similar reviews at processing facilities nationwide.


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