3 thoughts on “Rural post office with no plumbing and a porta potty out back?

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    APWU Philadelphia, PA Area Local #89 - Retiree Chapter
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    Member / 21CPW Site Administrator
    An APWU Member posted this in the https://www.21cpw.com Facebook group:

    “Funny this came up now. I was at the Ochopee PO today. It is the smallest PO in the country – about the size of a small garden shed. It has no plumbing or facilities, and the clerk must close down and drive to another office to use the restroom. Note the sign above the hours.”

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    Sounds like one of those new village post offices and I’m guessing with the continued cuts porta-poops could be the trend. Otherwise, your scenario is outlandish…and in MN ?

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    Lafayette Area Local 839
    Office held, if any
    Maint. craft director
    Hell no! Definitely a health and safety grievance. No hand washing available?

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