RSS Tip for all Level 18 Postmasters to track 1260 End of Day?

Lamont Brooks


From: Lamont Brooks
Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2016 3:00 PM
To: Clerk Division NBA
Cc: Clerk Department; Regional Coordinators; Tony D. McKinnon, Sr;
Subject: URGENT REQUEST: RSS Tip for all Level 18 Postmasters to track 1260 End of Day

We filed a national level grievance on the USPS unilaterally changing the End of Day process to circumvent to 1.6.B Global Remedy Settlement Agreement.

Locals are encouraged to file local grievances on this blatant violation.

I suggest you file the grievances at least every two weeks and REQUEST only the OFFICIAL END OF DAY REPORT for the POSTMASTER CLOSEOUT and the RSS Report to capture when to POSTMASTER started POS/RSS since they changed the Postmaster from an automatic logon to a manual logon to hide the time.

Get witness statements if you can.

All this will prove a blatant violation. I already have documentation from the Postmaster’s Association and we provided notice to the OIG.

Arbitrator Das is going to destroy them.

Get your popcorn ready.

Somebody needs to be fired for this costly crooked decision, showing a completely lack of respect for the grievance process and the union.

Join me in this fight. I won’t let you down. Enough is enough.

Again file your grievances every two weeks and if the Postal Service fail to give you the requested documentation file Unfair Labor Charges with the NLRB.

I will send this notice to Rickey Dean and Mike Mlakar so that it is clear to the Arbitrator how blatant the USPS has violated the settlement and why a huge monetary remedy should be granted.

Their hands are dirty because they negotiated and signed the settlement and their are e-mails of the intent of the parties.

USPS HQ Vice President of Retail is just as dirty because she approved the “End of Day” methodology agreement at the arbitration hearing.

They bargain in bad faith at all levels.

I will also request that all these hours be used toward the creation of new duty assignments and that the eventual successful bidder be made whole.

Das has a history of sometimes not granting a remedy to a local that fails to file a local grievance.

Please share with your APWU local/state presidents, officers, stewards and members.

In union solidarity, the struggle continues.

Lamont Brooks
Assistant Director
Clerk Division
American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO


Subject: FW: RSS Tip for all Level 18 Postmasters to track 1260
From: Boyd, Sherri R – Laceys Spring, AL
Sent: Friday, May 13, 2016 7:01 AM
Subject: RSS Tip for all Level 18 Postmasters to track 1260

All level 18 Postmasters and OIC’s in a level 18. please make sure you are utilizing this tool to track your time on the window and keep your receipts for any time issues that may occur for verification.

A Level 18 Postmaster role has been added so that those Postmasters at that level can accurately track time spent at the window in a retail role. The role will be added to those eligible in Active Directory and must be assigned at the unit level.

When performing retail clerk duties, the Postmaster will log in as a Retail Clerk. The Postmaster will have to manually select Start of Day from Clerk Admin screen.
NOTE: SSA’s without the Postmaster role will have their day started automatically when they log in for the first time after the Unit has been opened.
When a Postmaster is in logged in as a Retail Clerk and has manually selected Start of Day, the PM EOD button will be available. For the Postmaster, this will not be the official end of day, but will allow the Postmaster to perform other non-window functions in RSS without having the retail hours count.
To continue in the Retail Clerk role or to officially perform the end of day, the Postmaster must select Start of Day again.
Note: If you are a level 18 Postmaster or in an OIC assignment as a level 18 Postmaster, you must ensure you have access to this role. To do so, log into eAccess, click on request access tab, enter POSOne into the application name box and click search. Look at the roles you are assigned, if you don’t see Level 18 Postmaster, select it from the list and then click on select values. Complete the process to request access.

Sherri R Boyd
Alabama District RSS Conversion POC
Rio Grande District RSS Conversion POC
Postmaster, Laceys Spring AL 35754
256-200-4852 Cell

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