Rolando: A void at the top gives PMG free rein

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“I believe one of the main reasons is the absolute void at the top of the USPS’ governance structure. To be blunt, the USPS Board of Governors has effectively ceased to function as either a guiding or restraining force on management. It no longer has a quorum to make decisions or exert influence. There are now five vacancies — out of nine seats! Two sitting members are in their final year of service and another’s term has expired, though he is serving a single hold-over year while a replacement is sought. Partisan gridlock in the Senate has prevented any new appointments.

In this environment, there is no counter weight to the PMG’s destructive service cuts. Nobody is there to keep him honest or to offer better ideas. Indeed, three of the four governors were appointed by President George W. Bush and may simply share the PMG’s austerity agenda.

We need to break the partisan gridlock. That’s why we cannot give up on our efforts to elect more USPS-friendly and letter carrier-friendly representatives to Congress this year. Those friends have helped fend off assaults on our jobs, benefits and collective bargaining rights—and have helped us save Saturday delivery multiple times over the past five years. But we need more of them, regardless of which party they come from. The only way to end the void at the top of the Postal Service and to stop the PMG’s misguided agenda is to elect a better Congress. Together, we can make that happen in 2014, if we all do our part.”

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