Retirees’ Membership Cards STILL Not Mailed by APWU HQ

Four months into 2014 and APWU Retirees Department Members have yet to receive their membership cards, despite Director Beard’s assurances the problem was resolved and they were going out on April 12, 2014.  It’s now May 1, 2014.  Just how difficult can it be to accomplish this task?  We have approximately 40,000 dues-paying retiree members who deserve the respect of, at the very least, Director Beard notifying us that there is still a problem via email or the APWU National web site.  And this is not a new problem as it happened last year too (a “computer problem”). This is unacceptable.  When is the next National Officer Election?

5 thoughts on “Retirees’ Membership Cards STILL Not Mailed by APWU HQ

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Just wondering when the membership card is going out—Or did you all lose your job or close you down.

  2. Friday, May 27, 2014: I finally received my APWU Retiree Department Membership Card. Only took about 5 months – and that was after much prodding. From my communications with APWU National Officers, they weren’t even aware there was a problem. It’s my understanding the “problem” was far reaching and even active employee members are just now receiving their membership cards.

    It may not seem like a big issue to some but I have been a dues paying Retiree Member for 3+ years now and last year I was almost denied the right to vote in the National Officer Election because the APWU Per Capita department had no record of me being a member or paying dues. This codifies it as well as the benefits that I can now enjoy by producing it at different venues.

    My membership dues status has been in error because of HQ “problems” and my membership cards have been sent out late or not at all the entire 3+ years of my APWU Retiree Membership. There has to be a permanent fix to this but it doesn’t seem to be a priority or even a minor concern at HQ.


  3. I contacted Director Beard again last week about the membership card issue. In a separate issue, I also emailed her, again, about some errors I pointed out on the Retiree page of about the $5000 AD&D Insurance. She responded quickly (within one hour and that was very appreciated). I’m happy to report she finally fixed the insurance information (there was a serious error I’ve been trying to get addressed for 4 years – the elimination of the age 80 cap back in 2010 had not been updated).
    However, the membership card debacle continues. And on May 12 she said she would get right back to me. Still waiting….

  4. If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t gotten my 2014 membership card yet either (I am not a retiree).

  5. May 10 and still no membership cards; no sign of life from Director Beard’s office

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