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  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Southwest Coastal Area Local Retiree Chapter
    Office held, if any
    Retiree Chapter President
    Don Cheney is absolutely correct as far as the NALC is concern. Retirees have played a vital part in the union.

    One problem we have had is our retiree representative does not support the resolution submitted by retiree delegates.

    Personally, I am not expecting much out of the Constitution Committee because many are not retired and our union for the most part is not very pro retirees. Most full dues paying members want retirees to pay full due if they want a say in the union and that position is shared by many. The problem is when a person retires and is on fixed income the longer they are retired the more important it is to reduce expenses.

    This is a major reason all of retirees I have talked opposed the proposed change in the method the federal government used to determine COLA. The proposed change would have hurt every retiree, FERS, Civil Service, VA, Military, and Social Security.

    In addition, that why I am totally opposed to the ORP Committee and what is Resolution 14 which supports the ORP Recommendations which wants to change the APWU Retirement Plans from a defined benefit plan to 401 type plan. Most union people I know think this type of change is an anti-union concept and I do as well. Unions are fighting this issue in both the private sector and public sector.

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    "Cradle of Labor" Flint MI Area Local Retiree Chapter
    Office held, if any
    Michigan State Retiree Chapter Retiree Advisor. Past President.
    To Bro. Campbell, our “sister Local”; to the issue you raise regarding retirees having a voice or vote on contract ratifications, LMOU’s, or even Resolutions on contractual issues; I couldn’t agree more! Again, as author of the Resolution, now Constituition language, giving Retirees’ Dept. members the right to vote for national officers, it specifically excludes the right to vote on contract ratification, LMOU’s, or a strike vote. But, what about those FULL-dues pay retirees? What about retired national officers or full-time Local or State officers? What about retired delegates to the Convention, primarily FULL-dues pay members? Some, as a matter of conscience, like Central Region National Retiree Delegate, Paul Browning, are advocates of refraining from speaking for or against, or voting on contractual Resolutions. However, there’s the counter argument we’ll get that paying FULL-dues gives those retirees eligibility to a FULL voice and vote, including on contractual, LMOU, or strike issues. They, after all, pay (or “buy”) that right. It’s my considered opinion that retired members, whether FULL-dues pay, or “only” $36. Retirees Dept. members; should not be afforded eligibility to vote on any contractual, LMOU, or strike action that does not affect them.

  3. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    "Cradle of Labor" Flint MI Area Local Retiree Chapter
    Office held, if any
    Michigan State Retiree Chapter Retiree Advisor. Past President.
    Yes, Bro. JPR; we are well aware of the retired national officer discussion that’s gone on for years. Certainly, the Convention will address retiree Resolutions, time permitting, and IF non-concurred retiree Resolutions ever get to see the light of day. Four of those relate only to Retirees Dept. internal issues, nothing to do with retired officers.
    Retired national officers, retired full-time officers at all levels, do not relate to the rank & file retiree. They don’t, and never have, had to get down in the “mud” of the every day reality of the APWU retired member. One would expect the Retirees Dept. Dir. to be a retiree. Retirees Dept. members should not be delineated by the amount of dues they pay. Retirees paid full dues 30 or more years and choose to remain connected to their Union as $36. per annum members. They “paid their dues” in money and struggle so you can enjoy the fruits of those efforts.
    And Desi;of course the Director should be elected. Where were you when that Res. was offered to 3 Conventions, soundly rejected twice before adopted. I know, I was the author. It was a bitter battle. This current appointment is due to an internal APWU “shuffle” of offices, curiously just prior to the election. But Desi, it IS an elected office. If the president decides to make a similar move again, and the office becomes vacant, what would you do to prevent the president from appointing? Good Luck with that! I do agree, however; “elected, not appointed”! Your point is pointless.
    Don Cheney hits the nail on the head! While our respective APWU & NALC Contitutions are separate on retiree language, it isn’t about our individual Union’s constitutional retiree member structures as it is about how our respective Unions treat their retirees. You be the judge!

  4. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Pittsburgh PA Retiree Chapter.
    Office held, if any
    President Pgh Local 1974-1994, APWU DIR 1980-1983, member of the Constitution Committee.
    This Union has been run for years by retirees, starting at the top. Biller, Burrus, and now Dimondstein were/are retirees while serving as President. Scores of other resident and field officers were/are also retired while serving as officers. Many Locals are administered by retirees. Moreover, some retiree activists chill the resolution process by insisting that the Retiree Director warrants a $20,000.00 pay raise through the Constitution Committee. I trust everything will get a full and fair airing at the Convention and prior Retiree Department meeting. Let the delegates decide.

  5. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Queens Area Local 1022
    What is wrong with a retiree having a say? Many of us have been thru the battles over the years that give you the rights and benefits you have today. We fought long and hard, for example, for the no lay off clause. Many of us have been on the picket lines and some have even gone on strike.
    I am a FULL dues paying retiree and proud member.

  6. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Florida State Retiree Chapter
    Office held, if any
    Former Sec-Treas Pittsburgh Metro Area Local, Candidate, Director, Retirees Department
    The fact that retiree issues submitted to the National Convention are generally rejected only reinforces the need for an Elected Director, not a political appointee who owes their position to the administration. I will fight for retiree issues, not acquiesce to the administration.
    Vote Desi Neurohr, Director, Retirees Department

  7. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Saginaw Area 486-487
    Office held, if any
    It is my opinion that retirees 20-30-40 years removed from the workfloor should have little or no voice on contractual issues that directly affect those of us who struggle with contractual issues on the workfloor on a daily basis.

  8. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Auburn WA Local
    Office held, if any
    Retired President
    The NALC treats their retirees far better and, as a result, have better participation. The NALC Constitution gives retirees full voting and participation rights for dues of only $7 per year. When a NALC member completes 50 years’ membership, they receive a Gold Card Membership which entitles them to all privileges of membership in the NALC without payment of any dues or per capita tax.

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