Retiree Chapter question for the National APWU Executive Board

I sent this question to the National APWU Executive Board. Not sure if they will respond. My local involved Retirees from 2004-2017 and we never had a problem. This could happen to any local union and unfortunately the National APWU is unable to resolve the issue. – Bobby Donelson, Southwest Coastal Area Local Retiree Chapter President

What does this language actually mean?

Article 2 SEC. 12. The APWU shall encourage the formation of local, area local and state, retiree chapters of the Retirees Department in every state and territory of the United States, in order that all dues-paying retirees and their families shall have access to state, area local and local Retirees Department chapters to continue to fight for those issues which affect APWU members, retirees and their families.

If a local does not provide access to retirees and completely ignore retirees what is the retiree’s or retiree chapter’s recourse?

The Southwest Coastal Area Local Retiree Chapter was a part of the Southwest Coastal Area Local from September of 2004 until the election of Phil Khong is 2017 and Will Khong in 2020 (father son combination. Since 2017 retirees have not been treated with dignity or respect. In fact, we are treated as if we do not exist.

Retirees paid full dues to the local and the local has done nothing for them. Therefore, many have stop paying full dues.

I am seriously considering dropping my full dues paying status because the local and the National APWU has done nothing for the retirees of the Southwest Coastal Area Local. National and Local dues for a retiree is approximately $750 per years. Why should a retiree continue to pay full dues?????

Sorry, sometimes I need to just vent.

Bobby Donelson

Southwest Coastal Area Local Retiree Chapter web site

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    APWU - Southwest Coastal Area Local Retiree Chapter
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    Andy: Retiree Chapters are now and always associated with the local union. That has been the application since we formed chapters.

    Retiree Chapters Members do not have a voice or vote within the local unless they pay full union dues.

    They cannot vote or run for local office unless they are full dues paying member (paying full local dues and the full national per capita).

    Our local had only seven retirees paying full dues and that number is down to three. Very difficult to seek any change when your local president is opposed to retirees.

    National has not addressed the issue

    Gerald I am a NARFE member and have been one since 1992. I have been a APWU Retiree member since 2003.

    Southwest Coastal Area Local Retiree Chapter website

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    Bobby – Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but Art 2, Sec 12 appears (at least to me) to be providing for the formation of Retiree Chapters at various levels (local, state, etc…). It does not appear to indicate that a Retiree Chapter would (or must) be part of an APWU Local. Retiree members are part of, and affiliated with, the APWU Retiree Dept. Their names do not appear on Local rosters or DCOs. They are not members of a Local unless they pay full dues.

    Just to get a clearer perspective… In your view, what would the SCAL Retirees Chapter being “a part of the Local” entail?
    — Would Retiree Chapter members have voice and vote at meetings despite not paying full dues?
    — Would they be eligible to vote in Local elections while not paying full dues?
    — Would SCAL Retiree Chapter members be consider members-in-good-standing within the local even if they don’t pay full dues?
    A “yes” to those questions would conflict with the Local Constitution & Bylaws which requires full dues to be a member-in-good-standing.

    That said, many locals do keep close ties with retirees, include them in Local events, and will often help them with issues and concerns. I would imagine the decision on how much to “include” retiree members would something to be determined by the Local membership. As a full dues paying member, you can make a motion at a meeting seeking the changes you want. The membership would debate, vote and then, as they say, “The body has spoken…”

    Please, share any updates on this issue

    Lehigh Valley Area Local website

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    If you cannot get anything out of your local you might think about joining NARFE. I did.

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