3 thoughts on “Response to Former APWU President Burrus’s Post Regarding Greg Bell’s Accomplishments

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Terre Haute Area Local
    Office held, if any
    2016 candidate for APWU National President
    This is definitely a positive for Greg. I sincerely appreciate the fact he stood up for the membership on the issue of the FEHBP. It shows great character and conviction. The APWU needs more of that. I have a huge amount of respect for Greg Bell and think he would make an excellent Vice President. Last week I had the opportunity to talk to him a couple of times. Greg is a person of great vision and shows wisdom in what he has to say. His thoughts on how to operate the Industrial Relations Department would lead to a stronger National Agreement in 2018.

    I also had the opportunity to talk to Jeff Kehlert and a few random greetings with current Vice President Debby Szeredy. In the past few weeks, I’ve made two or three statements about the great qualities Jeff Kehlert has. I stand by those statements and I honestly believe Jeff would make an excellent APWU National President at some point in the future. He is rock solid and refuses to go negative on his fellow candidates. I deeply appreciate that attitude. The APWU needs more of that.

    Nothing speaks louder to me than a candidate whose local people will stand up, support, and fight for their candidate from their local. The APWU needs more of that. Such is the case with Debby Szeredy. She is a very outgoing person who is charismatic. People with those types of personality traits generally overperform because they put the people they talk to at ease. I respect that. These are traits I try to employ in all I do. What people probably don’t think about is the fact she has a very diversified union background developed from an early age. The deeper I understand her situation the more I realize she has played the cards dealt her very well. I have to admit her first term as Vice President has been successful.

    We call each other brother and sister! We even fight like brothers and sisters! My goal for the rest of this APWU Election season is to be positive about every candidate. I will search for the good in every candidate. The APWU needs more of that! Because ultimately win or lose the sun will rise in the East the morning following the ballots are counted no matter who wins! We are all very passionate about our favorite candidates. I know I am. I’m satisfied with Greg’s answer on this issue I hope everyone else is also.

    Jerry Stidman For APWU President

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Florida State Retirees Chapter
    Office held, if any
    Former Secretary-Treasurer, Pgh Metro Area Local Candidate, Director, Retirees Department
    That is why it is so important that we have an elected Director, Retirees Department, and not one appointed by the administration. We can not go back to the days when the administration chose our Director. Elect Desi Neurohr, Director, Retirees Department.

  3. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    "Cradle of Labor" Flint MI Area Local Retiree Chapter
    Office held, if any
    Past President Michigan State Retiree Chapter & Former Central Region National Retiree Representative (a.k.a. Delegate)
    This isn’t to either endorse or promote any candidate for the office of APWU Executive Vice-President, an office for which APWU Retired members will be eligible to vote for. However, I can verify the vehemence of former president Bill Burrus when a member is successful in adopting a Resolution he opposed. To wit: When we were successful in adopting the Res. to elect our own Retirees’ Dept. Director, thus effectively taking the appointment to the position out of Bill’s hands, he never forgave or forgot my authoring that Res. or for Byron Denton’s effective debate on the floor. After the vote and recess for the day, Bro. Denton approached our esteemed Union President to ask why he had cut him off at the mic. Burrus’ response was (and I paraphrase to bleep in part, and as Byron related it to me); “Because Denton; every time you get on the mic you ______me!”, as the esteemed former APWU President walked away from him. No, you don’t cross Burrus without incurring his eternal wrath! For me that is the sum of the man, president or not! There’s no disagreeing without being disagreeable with Bill! But, you know what? Bill’s nasty rebuke made the adoption of that Res. all the more sweeter then and ever since! I’ve got to believe the Res. giving retirees the right to vote for national officers caused Bill to drop to the floor in the privacy of his palacial digs to chew his rug in frustration over those damned retirees. It was always about Bill Burrus’ legacy, not about what was best for the APWU or the membership, either active or retired. Voting members in the 2016 APWU national officer elections should be made aware that either an endorsement or rejection by any national officer, active or retired, should consider the source. In Bro. Bell’s case it could be regarded as a positive in his campaign.

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