PRC: Report on the City Carrier Street Time Study – January 14, 2015

city_carrier_1The current development of attributable city carrier street time costs uses a model that was calibrated with data collected in 2002.

There have been a number of important changes to city carrier delivery:

  • Adoption of DPS
  • Reduction in delivered volumes
  • Introduction of FSS
  • Restructuring of the carrier network

The Postal Service initiated a comprehensive study of city carrier street time activities and costs.

city_carrier_volume_changesThe aggregate impact of the study is a modest decline in overall volume variable costs. The average variability for city carrier costs falls slightly from 48.5 percent to 47.3 percent.

The update did lead to changes in attributable costs across products.

First-Class Mail street time costs fell, but Standard Mail and package street time costs rose.

These changes are entirely consistent with a decline in First-Class Mail relative to Standard Mail, and increases in both sequenced mail volume and package volume.

Click Here for full Report on the City Carrier Street Time Study

Click Here for Audio of Technical Conference Presentation


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