Video: Really?! The IRS ships tax documents via UPS instead of Post Office

By Staff – May 6, 2015
Florissant accountant Terry Rasch is shaking his head and asking Really!?!

All because of these simple unassuming tax forms shipped to his office courtesy of the IRS.

He thought it was odd that the IRS would be shipping packages via UPS instead of using the United States Postal Service.

Turns out the IRS spent close to $30 million over the last 2 years using UPS and FedEx to ship packages.

Here’s what the IRS had to say about it:

To deliver the overall most efficient and economic service, the IRS uses mail, small parcel delivery, and freight (trucks/railroad) for our postal and transportation needs. The weight of a particular shipment determines which delivery method we use.

For letters weighing less than 13 ounces, we use USPS. For letters, packages and boxes 13 ounces to 750 pounds, we use the Treasury contracted vendor (the current contract is with UPS). For shipments more than 750 pounds we use freight contractors.

Thus, if tax professional A calls and orders a single 1040A Instruction, we will mail using USPS. If tax professional B calls and orders a carton of 1040A Instructions, we will ship UPS.

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