PWW: Honeymoon over before it begins with PMG ‘Delay’ !

Via Omar M. Gonzalez, APWU Western Region Coordinator:

Postal Worker West – Jul/Aug 2020 Edition

  • Post Office Under Attack
  • COVID-19 Information

One thought on “PWW: Honeymoon over before it begins with PMG ‘Delay’ !

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Oakland Retiree Chapter
    Office held, if any
    President, Oakland Area Retiree Chapter
    Email Address

    Sad part, I made a statement and ask several question, (1) When will a grievance be filed. I was told we have no agreement to address that. management has the right to do as they are pleased the Union has no say so! Thanks Omar, and we need to Take it to the streets soon using the SIP in place and social distancing. I can’t stand a unqualified know it all. There is always a fight if we have the sense to protect what’s ours. i can’t stand a scary union member, thats what they are when they knuckle under to corruption in the name of we can’t! next time I will call names!

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