Pub. 553 Revision: Employee’s Guide to Understanding, Preventing, and Reporting Harassment

Effective November 2018, the Postal Service™ revised Publication 553, Employee’s Guide to Understanding, Preventing, and Reporting Harassment, to reflect the termination of support from the current vendor of the Centralized Intake System for initiating requests for Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) counseling. This service has been replaced by an online efile application. The revision to Publication 553 describes the primary and alternative process to initiate EEO counseling on the online EEO efile application.

There is also a change to the wording for “sex” discrimination, which is consistent with the EEO Commission Management Directive (EEO-MD-110), issued August 2015.

The November 2018 edition of Publication 553 supersedes all previous editions.

Publication 553 is available on the Postal Service PolicyNet website.

— EEO Compliance and Appeals,
Labor Relations, 1-31-19

Source: USPS

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