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  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Local Portland Oregon Branch
    Office held, if any

    We are having the same issues over here in the Portland District. As I read the contract it states that management should maximize in the following order:
    (1) ODL employees up to 12 hrs per day,
    (2) PSE employees up to 12 hrs per day, then
    (3) non-ODL employees.

    My issue is that they are not working ODL employees 12 hours per day before forcing non-ODL employees to work OT. Also, starting next week they have decreased our over all over time (yet still requiring non-ODL employees to work their non-scheduled day (6th day)) and yet giving PSE 10 hour days 6 times a week – again not working the PSE or the ODL employees a full 12 hours per day before forcing a non-ODL employee to work. Further, we are being denied any Annual Leave request with the reasoning “Line H” yet they are only working us the 1 day of Overtime which is our non-scheduled day rather than working us the 2 hours pre/post tour OT they have been doing the last month? So which is it — are we trying to make up man hours under Line H or are we not? If we are, then we should all be working the full dose of OT as we have been doing the last month.

    It simply feels as though management is punishing the workforce by taking away our summer simply because they failed to properly staff – and we (union) called them on it.

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