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    If I travel to NCED for a three week course and they force me to drive a postal vehicle I cannot use that said vehicle for personnel use while at NCED. Thats the point to taking your own car so you’re not stuck at NCED for 3 weeks. You would have to park the postal vehicle while there.

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    This needs to be addressed nationally as we are experiencing this currently in Indianapolis.

    Travel and Relocation Handbook F-15 states travel must be by the method most advantageous to the post office and must consider.

    5-5.1.2 Criteria That the Approving Official Will Use
    The approving official’s decision will be based on, but not limited to, the following criteria:

    a. Whether commercial air, train, or bus service is suitable.

    b. Whether Postal Service or GSA vehicles are available.

    c. Whether using your POV would reduce the overall cost of travel, such as by saving on per diem or local transportation expenses.

    d. Whether using your POV would save time, either travel time or overall work time.

    e. Whether your POV would be used extensively in the vicinity of the temporary duty station.

    If you drive a postal vehicle:

    You are entitled to taxi fare from your home to Postal facility to pick up vehicle and back home on completion of travel.

    If the trip cannot be completed in 12 hrs. you are entitled to overnight stay and additional day per Diem on both ends of the trip.

    You are limited to 10 hrs. continuous driving and no more than 12 hrs on the clock in travel status per day.

    All travel in a postal vehicle by craft must be “on the clock”.

    If you are more than 500 miles away from Norman it would likely cost them more for you to drive a postal vehicle then airfare or POV reimbursement based on cost comparison.

    If they are paying more for Air travel when a postal vehicle is cheaper they should be reported for waste fraud and abuse as they are to use the most advantageous method. Basically if they are forcing you to accept .17 cents per mile that is all they should be reimbursing for airfare as flying would now only be being done for personal convenience vs least costly method.

    There is also the past practice argument. I assume since cost comparison VS common carrier has been the accepted method of reimbursement for at least the last 15 yrs. there is a pretty strong paper trail to support this argument.

    That’s my take on it but I assume it will have to be grieved and go to arbitration.

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    So if I drive the postal owned vehicle I get the 17 cents per mile? They are telling us they only pay for gas if we drive the postal vehicle, and give us 17 if we drive our own.
    Seems silly for them to buy more expensive plane tickets so we don’t drive our POV.

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    Make them give you a postal owned vehicle and take the $.17 per mile. If there is a postal vehicle available you have to use it or take the $.17 per mile. You will only be reimbursed for what ever is cheapest for the postal service.

    Per F-15 5-4.1
    Determining When to Use
    When it is advantageous to the Postal Service for you to travel by automobile, you are expected to use a Postal Service-owned vehicle, GSA-contracted vehicle, or GSA-owned vehicle. You must first try to obtain use of a Postal Service vehicle, before attempting to obtain use of a GSA-contracted or GSA-owned vehicle. If none of these are available, the Postal Service may approve the use of your privately owned vehicle (POV).

    The following is from the GSA web site:
    Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Mileage Reimbursement Rates

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