Postal Worker West – March 2020 Edition: BEING POSTAL IN A PANDEMIC


The Union’s Role

The Union is certified by law to enforce the contract in regards to working conditions, hours and wages. Under Article 14 of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) the Union cooperates with and assists management to live up to their responsibility to provide safe working conditions.

Far too often the Union has to go over and beyond just assisting management, we have to file complaints and pursue statutory relief over occupational hazards.

During this crisis the National Union has been proactive, not only with postal officials, but also internally with the entire National Executive Council (the leadership of the Union) and local unions. By all indications the emergency is going to worsen. “Unfortunately, and undoubtedly, we are just in beginning throes of this crisis as we stay union strong in defense of the health and safety of our members and our families,” said National Union President Mark Dimondstein.

“The rest of this Special Edition of the PWW is being offered as an educational tool for our members. It is based on the most recent communiques, directives and official regulations. There are some recommendations proffered as well, but they are offered for consideration and not as policy,” said Coordinator Gonzalez. “Policy comes from Headquarters!”

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