Postal Worker West: Pandemic Edition – April 12, 2020

STILL MISSING IN ACTION– Western Area Vice-President????

DENVER– Unlike his counterpart in the Pacific Area, the Western Area’s top postal official has yet to be on any telecom with union leadership or postal workers who are deemed essential but apparently not enough to be encouraged or thanked by the Postal Vice-President.

The Western Area was the first in the country to report a ‘positive’ COVID-19 case, and thus far, has been the least transparent, least communicative, and the least cooperative. “But what is new?,” quipped Regional Coordinator Omar Gonzalez. “We are in a constant fight with the Area HR Manager and seldom ever hear from the Area VP.” You would think these postal ‘leaders’ would be in the forefront openly communicating with postal workers demonstrating actual and real concern for the safety and health of their “essential employees.”

Poor Demonstration of Commitment
When questioned as to what requires the Vice-President to demonstrate such commitment to postal workers the Union’s Regional Coordinator responded…”You have to look no further than Section 4-3 of the USPS Executive & Manager’s Compliance Guide, the EL 802,” said Gonzalez. “But, we won’t let their lack of transparent commitment stop us from enforcing the contract and fighting to protect the employees we represent.”

“In the April 2nd issue of the VP’s “Western Word” he referenced essential services, his gratefulness and tied it into strength, courage and pride applied silently to the postal logo, but, his silence in directly addressing employee issues at work facing the deadly virus , speaks volumes about the commitment of top western area brass.” expounded Gonzalez.

Lack of Information Creates Concern
Western Area Labor Relations issues very limited amount of information when an employee is found to be positive. They refused to give the work site nor the last day the unfortunate employee was at work. The lack of information causes apprehension for fellow co-workers and undermines the Union’s ability to monitor the effectiveness of compliance with safety protocol. Issues have and will be elevated to HQ.

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