Postal worker union files report opposing Staples, Office Depot merger

staples_mergerBy Taryn Luna – May 27, 2015
A union representing postal workers has urged federal regulators to block a proposed $6.3 billion merger of Staples Inc. and Office Depot Inc.

The American Postal Workers Union said it sent the Federal Trade Commission and other government authorities a 24-page report Tuesday, contending that a merger of the nation’s last two brick-and-mortar office supply giants would hurt competition and lead to higher prices for consumers.

The FTC is reviewing the merger plan, announced in February.

Staples declined to comment.

“When Staples announced they would merge with Office Depot, [our workers] said we would ‘vigorously oppose’ this monopoly,” the union said in a statement. “We said we would assemble a team of lawyers and outside experts to oppose the merger. We did. This report reflects only some of the arguments we are presenting to federal authorities on why this tie-up is bad for consumers and bad for communities all across this country.”

stop-staples-apwu-jobsThe report is the latest action in the union’s anti-Staples campaign. Staples first drew its criticism when the Framingham retailer started offering Postal Service products and shipping capabilities in some of its stores in 2013.

The union, which represents more than 200,000 postal workers, says low-wage Staples employees staff the postal counters and take jobs from its members.

Source: Postal worker union files report opposing Staples, Office Depot merger – Business – The Boston Globe

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