Postal Service “Right-Sizing” Not Popular In Humboldt (audio)


Eureka Residents are questioning a plan to move their mail sorting to Medford.

(September 8, 2014) The United States Postal Service has been losing money every year since 2007; in total, nearly $45 billion. One attempt to remedy the situation has been the consolidation of mail processing centers nationwide. Three slated for relocation are in our area: Redding, Eugene, and Eureka. Residents in Eureka are responding to the likelihood, that by next summer, their mail will be sorted in Medford.

Over 40-percent of Americans pay their bills online. Not that long ago – back in 2001 – three out of four were still paying bills by mail.

Jim Wigdel: “Our first class mail volume has dropped over 25-percent over the past several years.”

Jim Wigdel is a spokesman for the postal service in Northern California and says first class mail used to be their largest source of revenue. Since 1982 the postal service has been a self-supporting entity, operating without taxpayer dollars. It is expected to compete like any other delivery company.

Jim Wigdel: “It makes a lot of sense to consolidate our network, to rightsize it, to rationalize it as we call it, to make sure we are being as efficient as possible.”

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