Video: Postal Service Hiring 900 People Along Colorado Front Range For Holiday Season

By Suzanne McCarroll – September 24, 2015
DENVER (CBS4)– The U.S. Post Office is hiring 900 people along the Front Range for the holiday season. More than half those jobs have the potential to become careers or full-time positions. UPS is also hiring more than 1,000 positions across the state.

Fewer people are mailing letters and cards but online shopping deliveries have the post office scrambling for more employees.

David Rupert from the U.S. Post Office says package delivery is big business and the post office wants to grow its share of that market.

“We’re going big because we’re expecting a big holiday season. Last year we set a record for parcels, double digit growth. Every month this year we’ve had double digit growth of parcels,” said Rupert.  “We have a mail processing facility that processes, during Christmas, six million pieces of mail every single day, 500,000 packages every single day,” said Rupert.

Some employees will be assigned to post offices and new carriers will be added to existing routes. Salaries range from $10 to $16.65 an hour.

The parcel delivery company UPS is hiring 1,600 people in Colorado for the holiday season. Jobs will include drivers and part-time package handlers. Wages range from $10.10 to $18.75 an hour.


via CBS Denver

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