Postal service health benefits and the FEHBP [audio]

Will a proposed new separate health plan for hundreds of thousands of postal workers and retirees and their spouses and dependents prompt major changes for the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program for all other federal employees?

A new study by the Heritage Foundation says a postal reform bill in Congress would mean extra costs for retirees in the federal health plan and for American taxpayers who subsidize about 75 percent of the premiums paid by postal workers.

Insurance expert and author Walton Francis joins host Mike Causey to talk about how the pending Postal Service Reform Act, could affect the health care benefits of both postal and non-postal workers.


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    Have you listened to this? Current and future postal retirees should. If the Postal Service Reform Act (H.R. 5714) passes, a retired postal couple would be hit with an extra $4,000 per year in health insurance premiums for Medicare Parts B and D.

    Only 36 FEHB health plans nationwide would be available to postal workers and retirees. The USPS long-term goal is to push everyone over 65 into Medicare and their health plan. Actuaries predict Medicare will be bankrupt in 12 years. Part B and D premiums will shoot up and benefits will be cut if that happens.

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