Postal Labor Unions Summer School (PLUSS) 37th session June 14-19, 2015

DangerEducatedFrom its beginning in 1979, the Postal Labor Unions Summer School has focused intently on the specific needs of union members in the U.S. Postal Service. At the heart of the curriculum is the grievance process, with the essential goal to foster skills and viewpoints that support the union and the labor movement. Although workshops are built around the steward’s role, PLUSS also makes room for concerns and events that affect the labor movement broadly. The Institute for Labor Studies and Research is proud to sponsor this exceptional educational opportunity on the campus of West Virginia University. We urge all Locals in the American Postal Workers Union to take full advantage of what has proven to be one of the most valuable learning experiences offered within the umbrella of the Unions representing members in the United States Postal Service.


Your 2015 PLUSS Instructors include (from left to right): John Jackson, National Business Agent, Clerk Division Clif Johnson, Area Representative, Long Island NY Area Local Bob Romanowski, National Business Agent, Clerk Division Jeff Kehlert, National Business Agent, Clerk Division Joe Szocki, President, Erie PA Area Local Ken Prinz, National Business Agent, Motor Vehicles Division Ann Albro-Mathieu, President, Providence RI Area Local (Also pictured: LeRoy Moyer, former PLUSS Instructor and former President of Lehigh Valley PA and Charlotte NC APWU Locals)

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