Postal frustration lingers for residents of KS town without office

EDWARDSVILLE, Kan. — The best way to describe postal service in Edwardsville, Kansas, is a “total mess,” says Ceila Mohler. She lives at the Edwardsville Village Mobile Home Park.

The city’s post office has been out of commission since March 11 when a car rammed into the back of it. FOX 4 Problem Solvers first met with frustrated residents at the mobile home park nearly a month ago. They’ve been driving 20 miles round-trip to a post office in Kansas City, Kan. to collect their mail. There is no direct service to their homes.

Now, nearly a month later, the problem still hasn’t been solved for the nearly 600 people who live in the mobile home park. Plus the price of gas keeps going up, making that 20-mile trip to the post office even more painful.

So what’s the hold up? According to a letter from the US Postal Service Manager Darren Gadson, the post office had to quit working on repairs to the damaged post office after it discovered additional structural damage. But no one in Edwardsville seems to be buying that excuse.

No one has seen anyone repairing the post office and the electricity has never been turned back on. A letter from Edwardsville City Manager Michael Webb states that “no building permits have been obtained… and we are not aware of any repairs.”

A spokesman for the post office insists it isn’t the one to blame for the delays and points out that the post office has offered to install cluster mail boxes for the mobile home park residents on a strip of city land near the police station.

But city officials say no one from the post office has ever provided anything in writing or even attended a city council meeting so that the plan could be approved.

EdwardsvilleKS2FOX 4 Problem Solvers contacted the post office to find out why and we were told the postmaster missed the council meeting because he was out of town. But he’s now back and ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get those cluster mail boxes installed.

Richard Watkins with USPS said the post office now plans to meet with the city and representatives from the mobile home park Thursday to further discuss the issue.

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