Postal carrier thrown down stairs while trying to trace stolen package

By Christine Vendel – August 3, 2015
18034497-standardHARRISBURG- Harrisburg police are investigating after a United States Postal Service carrier was attacked Friday while trying to determine who had stolen the contents of a package.

The carrier was delivering mail in the 1500 block of Herr Street about 1:40 p.m. Friday when he realized he had dropped a package, said police Sgt. Gabriel Olivera. The mail carrier retraced his route and found the package on the ground, but it had been ripped open and the contents were missing.

The carrier looked around and spotted a man and woman nearby, Olivera said. The carrier approached the couple to ask about the package but they walked away from him.

The carrier followed them to the 1200 block of Cumberland Street at the William Howard Day Homes housing development, Olivera said. That’s where the man reportedly turned around, grabbed the carrier by the throat and shoved him down two flights of concrete steps, Olivera said. The steps connect sidewalks from two parts of the development.

The man also released his dog after the carrier, but it’s unclear if the dog bit the carrier, Olivera said.

The couple fled. The carrier sustained deep scrapes to his arms and legs. He also complained of pain to his hips, back and thighs, Olivera said.

Harrisburg police are investigating the attack and mail theft in cooperation with the U.S. Postal Service.

Source: Harrisburg police: Postal carrier thrown down stairs while trying to trace stolen package

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