Postal Bulletin: November is HAZMAT Awareness Month

To protect the health and safety of our employees and the general public, the Postal Service™ has developed specific procedures for safeguarding, identifying, handling, and delivering hazardous materials (HAZMAT). Since there have been several recent incidents of non-mailable HAZMAT in the mailstream, November has been designated “HAZMAT Awareness Month” to highlight these issues.

Incidents, including lithium battery fires (exceeding the 100Wh limit), as well as mercury and corrosive liquid spills, serve as a reminder that these types of mailpieces continue to pose a threat. Additionally, there has been an increase in undeclared HAZMAT items in the mailstream — items that do not display the required markings — and improperly packaged mailable HAZMAT items, such as:

  • Liquids with no absorbent material;
  • Lithium batteries; and
  • Aerosol cans in non-rigid packaging.

During HAZMAT Awareness Month, the Postal Service will provide the following targeted communications to reinforce awareness of current HAZMAT policies and procedures:

  • 15-minute HAZMAT Zoom Lunch and Learn.
  • Updates to job aid reference materials.
  • Use of Poster 37, Is Your Package Safe to Mail? (see below).
  • Promotion of HAZMAT Awareness Month in targeted channels, such as the Postal Bulletin, Retail Digest, Link, and Retail Systems Software.

As peak season begins, and the Postal Service anticipates increased mail volume along with its potential risks, there is even more reason to be diligent. I want to thank all employees for their support of this important effort to raise HAZMAT awareness, both internally and externally, and ensure a safer peak season. Thank you in advance for emphasizing to your teams the importance of their adherence to current HAZMAT policies and procedures.

Angela Curtis
Vice President,
Retail Operations

Poster 37, Is Your Package Safe to Mail?

Postal Bulletin – November 19, 2020

Source: USPS

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