PMG DeJoy’s Remarks During Aug. 6  Postal Service Board of Governors meeting

August 6, 2021
WASHINGTON, DC — The below remarks are as prepared for delivery by Postmaster General and CEO Louis DeJoy during the open session meeting of the Postal Service Board of Governors on Aug. 6, 2021.

“Good morning. Thank you, Chairman Bloom.

Let me add my welcome to all here on-line.

I join Governor Bloom in recognizing our newest Governors – Amber McReynolds, Anton Hajjar, and Ron Stroman.

Grateful to finally have a fully constituted Board for the first time in 10+ years; Look forward to working together as a team.

I also welcome Deputy Postmaster General Doug Tulino to the Board.

And I would like to thank all our Governors and the DPMG for your service to the American public.

I recognize that we may not always agree on everything, but that we share a sense of respect and responsibility for the Postal Service and the women and men who serve it.

Yesterday, we announced our fourth-quarter service performance standards through July and there continues to be encouraging signs of improvement that Scott will later share with you.

As I have been travelling the nation and working more broadly on our initiatives, our workforce continues to be an inspiration to me and I am committed to working with all our stakeholders in achieving a bright future for the Postal Service.

One of our most important initiatives that is currently underway is our preparations for peak season.

Across the nation, our teams are laser focused on major and transformative near-term initiatives that we have planned to deliver a successful holiday season to our customers and the American people.

Facilities and equipment have been added at a magnitude not endeavored here in a long time and at a pace that rivals any high performing commercial enterprise.

In addition, our commitment to growing the ranks of our long-term career employees is approaching 40,000 new teammates since January — providing greater stability and enabling us to provide career opportunities to tens of thousands of new employees.

Across the nation, Postal Service teams from Logistics, Processing, Retail, Delivery, Engineering, Technology, Facilities, Human Resources, Marketing and Commerce are working plant by plant, lane by lane, route by route, post office by post office and customer by customer to make your experience with us this peak season … very simply put … the best ever! So have confidence … and please send us all your mail and packages!!

I came to the Postal Service 14 months ago at a time when, for a variety of reasons, we were in a significant crisis. More importantly, we did not have a comprehensive plan to correct the trajectory of our future which—to sum up—was headed for continued financial insolvency and continued diminished use and relevance to the nation, despite the loyalty so many have toward our great brand.

Declining mail volume, unattainable service standards, billions of dollars in annual losses, lack of investment, employment instability, and a weakening position in the fast-growing package delivery market was taking us in only one direction—down! The numbers show it—
and to think otherwise chooses to overlook difficult truths.

In March, we launched our “Delivering for America” plan, which attempts to change that direction. While not perfect—it can continue to improve as we move forward and work with customers, Congress, union leaders and other stakeholders. We are committed to engaging and moving forward.

And as we do, stakeholder pushback and critique can be expected, and they are entitled to. We are listening and have adjusted some in response to feedback—and will continue to. But having said that—the majority of the roar is to stop what we are doing—study more, increase service, keep prices low, cut employee benefits and a host of other single interest issues disguised as solutions—which they are not. In fact, the best days of this thinking and what it has to offer has come and gone….and it resulted in the Postal Service that I joined 14 months ago—one whose very existence was threatened.

The DFA, while certainly proposing some uncomfortable changes, makes a commitment to delivering mail and packages through an integrated network to every address in the nation, six days a week, and strives for financial sustainability—the Congressional mandate, by the way. This plan calls for investments in facilities, technology, equipment, and people, enabling us to evolve our organization to address current economic trends, provide affordable and reliable service and therefore enhance our relevancy to the American people. The complete opposite of a threatened existence.

While I know the outcomes from our plan are yet to come, we are confident we are headed in the right direction, which is slightly away from what we have done in the past—as we know what we have done in the past has not worked. And that, in fact, has been proven.

As you know, we have made many filings and are moving forward with our plans. We have received the PRC’s review of our first-class standards change—and will adhere to most of these recommendations and will move forward immediately with this initiative.

I would like to congratulate our management team for their commitment to our initiatives and their leadership. Each day I see an increasingly vibrant organization working to serve the American people in an improving way.

I also want to thank the 644,000 women and men of the Postal Service. Your commitment to our service is inspiring.”

USPS News Release – August 6, 2021

Source: USPS

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    People are willing to sacrifice if they see a bright future in site. That is no longer the case. Offices are just cutting everything to nothing.

    Letter volume decreases in the 90’s USPS invest billions in letter sorting equipment. Flat and newspaper volume decreases in late nineties USPS invest billions in Flat “Shredder” Sequence machines. Amazon starts delivering their own parcels 2021 USPS says let’s invest in parcel sorting machines.

    Can’t make it up. If the Postal Service wants to eliminate yearly losses of $6 billion dollars + they could double down on training and investing in new technology and ideas like postal banking, and internet services. Ever wonder how UPS stores make money? They provide services people need, like sending and receiving faxes, printing for businesses etc. The USPS needs to invest heavily in preparing the future managers who must be top notch to compete in today’s world.

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    This is bullshit. I would like DeJoy to come to our office and see what is happening. We can’t keep new hires because they are overworked for little or no benefits. The CCA program is an utter disaster. Why come to the Post Office when you can go to Amazon and immediately get full benefits? We are so short staffed that we are working 10 to 12 hour days as well as working at least one of our regularly scheduled days off. The exception is those who decided to get doctors notes that indicate they can only work 8 hours a day, five days a week. (We call those carriers “Fake note carriers.” Something needs to be done. We can’t keep good employees and the lazy ones get away with being lazy.

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