PMG DeJoy advocates Medicare Integration for Retirees as part of reforms


“As the Postal Service has said for years, Congress and the Commission have long delayed much needed legislative and regulatory reforms which would have helped to address the situation. Congress must enact reform legislation that addresses our unaffordable retirement payments. Most importantly, Congress must allow the Postal Service to integrate our retiree health benefits program with Medicare, which is a common-sense best practice followed by all businesses who still offer retiree health care. It must also rationalize our pension funding payments.”

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2 thoughts on “PMG DeJoy advocates Medicare Integration for Retirees as part of reforms

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    When asked what he wanted for labor, Samuel Gompers answered, “More!” NOT LESS! (BTW, I have a document with his actual signature on a wall in my home.)

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    This does NOTHING to address the absurd 2006 PAEA prefunding mandate. There are many common sense solutions to the postal service’s financial difficulties but forced Medicare is one I will fight against vehemently with all of my social media and congressional interaction. I’m very disappointed my own union HQ supports this. What happened to “An Injury to One is an Injury to All”?

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