‘Parcel’ set to deliver for doormen-deprived Manhattanites

No doorman? No problem.

Or so a package-delivery startup is assuring Manhattanites who have suffered long lines at the post office or had their e-commerce orders returned.

The startup, Parcel, is the brainchild of Jesse Kaplan — a recent college grad who came to the idea the hard way.

“I moved to the city last summer,” he says, “and started buying stuff online. And when I’d come home, my door would be peppered with package slips.”

That led to weekends spent in line at the post office, provided his online purchases were retrievable at all.

It also led to 73 “focus groups,” where Kaplan heard the same horror stories over and over again.

“I started doing research out of curiosity,” he says, “but when I learned there was no silver bullet I thought — aha! — this could be a business.”

Thanks to $1 million in seed money from Liberty City Ventures, Great Oaks Venture Capital and several others, Parcel officially launched last week.

The company recruits customers to its Web site (fromparcel.com), where they’re assigned a unique address at the company’s headquarters.

Customers then use this address for their online purchases, which Parcel accepts during the workday for delivery to customers when they’re home that night.

Kaplan currently has a team of 10 workers, who do walkups, deliver up to 30 pounds and charge just $5 per package.

via Parcel set to deliver for doormen-deprived Manhattanites | New York Post.

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