Panama City Residents Just Want Their Mailbox Fixed

Tonight, a problem for some Panama City residents is brought to the attention of News 13. Seems as though their primary source of getting mail was destroyed two months ago and it has not been replaced. News 13 gets to the bottom of the issue in this Problem Solver report.

Panama City resident Tom Brookie tells us, “the word I got was there were some youngsters intoxicated going through this neighborhood and they knocked our mailbox down.” And, it has been down and the remnants taken away since that time. The large postal box served the eighteen households of Windy Lane. Why has it taken so long to get it replaced?

The U.S. Postal service is responsible for replacing the mailbox. Tom Brookie is spearheading an effort to get the box back up. According to Brookie, “we have not received any mail since February 13th.” Instead of walking a few feet, residents have to drive a few miles to Northside Postal Station just to get their mail. Brookie says, “It is exactly roundtrip 3.9 miles from here and it costs for gasoline.” Brookie says the big thing…is inconvenience and, “We have to wait in line. I understand that because other people are ahead of us, but just to pick up the mail?

News 13 visited the Northside Postal Facility in Panama City.
Here is what we eventually found out.  A postal spokesman told us, there was some type of foul-up ordering a new mailbox. Seems as though it had to be re-ordered and because of that, it has created a delay.  However, they tell us, the new mailbox should hopefully be in town for installation this week.

Tom Brookie did say that medication to a certain home and large items were delivered.  But again, that was not the case for general mail.  We hope to be able to show you the newly replaced neighborhood mailbox on Windy Lane…very soon

via Residents Just Want Their Mailbox Fixed – WMBB News 13 – The Panhandle’s News Leader.

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