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  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU Sioux Falls Local 781
    Office held, if any

    So being as they run the APBS and the LCTS during the run tour those hours do not apply towards the 80%.

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU NY Metro
    Office held, if any
    Shop Steward

    Management and the union have an agreement from July 2, 1998 that is called the Lingberg sign-off. The agreement that states:

    “The parties agree that the functional purpose of the Electronics Technician, PS-9 (Now PS-10, added) includes operational maintenance assignments. For the purpose of determining staffing in accordance with Maintenance Management Order (MMO) 028-97, eighty percent (80%) of the maintenance operational maintenance work hours associated with automated equipment will be used to staff Electronic Technician, PS-9 positions.’

    1. Automated mail processing equipment is identified for this agreement as equipment which reads addresses or bar codes and sorts mail for either delivery or transportation to another office. This will also include the Advanced Facer/Canceler System.

    The GATS# is: D94T-1D-C 97010513

    Added by RZ:
    January 2010 Award on Article 19 Appeal of Maintenance Management Order (MMO) 028-97

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