Opening Day of APWU – USPS 2018 Interest Arbitration

Via APWU Western Region Coordinator Omar Gonzalez

Goldberg convenes the 2018 CBA arbitration proceedings

USPS Lead Attorney gives management’s opening statement on revenue, expenses and volume making typical USPS plea for cost and wage restraints on the backs of postal workers. The bosses’ “corporate” goals they claim are service, safety and customer satisfaction. APWU rebutted their claims pointing that USPS is designed by law to be a model employer yet staffing, harassment and lack of respect is worse than ever and that the financial issues can’t be fixed on the backs of postal workers. President Dimondstein is set to testify this afternoon.

Dimondstein makes it clear Postal Workers are public servants deserving of decent wages, safer workplaces, better work environments as they carry out the mission of the US Postal Service. “Less staffing places undue pressure on postal workers” he stated. Postal workers earn the respect of the community they serve and deserve their just compensation and assurance of a better life. The APWU President outlined the Union’s propositions and countered management’s gloom and doom scenario insisting postal workers should not pay the price for management’s lack of vision.


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