Ohio Valley Residents Speak Out on Proposed Mail Delivery Change

WHEELING – If you like the convenience of stepping right out your front door to get your mail, it could come to an end in the future. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform proposed the plan, which means door-to-door mail carriers could be a thing of the past. The bill is waiting approval from Congress.

On Wednesday, the Committee debated ways the United States Postal Service could save money. The proposed plan would call for either communal boxes or curbside boxes, similar to what can be found in apartment complexes. Members say it would make mail delivery quicker for carriers.

Ohio Valley residents expressed their concerns about the idea on Friday.

Walter Thomas said it would make it a lot harder for senior citizens to get their mail.

Everyone 7News spoke with said they are not in favor of the plan. Some mail carriers even said they do more than just deliver the mail, they check up on people during their routes. They learn the habits of their customers, and when they notice they haven’t collected their mail for a few days, they get concerned.

Ray Koades also expressed concern for his elderly neighbors, “there’s a lot of people, especially the older people, who aren’t out. If they don’t have that door-to-door mail, they’re not going to get their mail.”

Other people, like Warwood resident Caryn Braunlich, said future generations should not miss out on door-to-door mail. “I appreciate the fact that I get my mail at home, and I mail the grand kids cards for their birthdays and all of the holidays, and I think it would be sad for kids growing up not to know what mail is.

Koades added a possible solution could but cutting down on service, and maybe not keeping it six days a week.

The House Committee said by converting to the new mailboxes, the USPS could save $2 billion annually. They would also allow people to keep their home delivery for a fee, and disabled people could receive a waiver to continue home delivery.

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