NPMHU: Sign the Stop Staples Petition

NPMHU-Staples-20The past few weeks have been huge in the fight to Stop Staples. Thousands of people have attended protests and signed the petition. If you have not yet done so, please visit to sign the online petition today. Tell Staples: The U.S. Mail is Not for Sale! Don’t let Staples destroy your Post Office. Sign this petition before it’s too late.

Staples attacks good jobs and public post offices.

Staples and the U.S. Postal Service have cut a deal that jeopardizes your mail service and your local post office. In fact, post offices across the country are at risk – along with thousands of good jobs. The Staples deal will replace full-service U.S. Post Offices with knock-off post offices in Staples stores that are not staffed with U.S. Postal Service employees. The Staples deal is replacing good-paying jobs that our community depends on with low-wage jobs that hurt our economy.

View the APWU’s Stop Staples video montage here. (7:44)

via Sign the Stop Staples Petition – National Postal Mail Handlers Union.

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