NPMHU Prevails in Lead Clerk National Arbitration

NPMHU_Logo_LARGENovember 7, 2014- We are extremely pleased to announce that the NPMHU has prevailed in its National arbitration against the Postal Service over the ability of the Postal Service to allow Lead Clerks to supervise or in any way to assign or direct the work of members of the Mail Handler craft.

Arbitrator Das’ Award makes two important findings:

  • First, Arbitrator Das stressed, as the Postal Service was forced to concede, that Lead Clerks “are not authorized to perform supervisory functions … including decisions about hiring, promotion, discipline, approval of leave, the resolution of grievances, and employee evaluations.”
  • Second, Arbitrator Das made clear that, absent negotiations between the Postal Service and the NPMHU, the Postal Service cannot utilize Lead Clerks to direct or guide the work of Mail Handlers.

A complete copy of the award and the Union’s notification to the field is available for your review.

via NPMHU Prevails in Lead Clerk National Arbitration – National Postal Mail Handlers Union.

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