NPMHU: Agreement Reached on Procedures to Fill Residual Vacancies

NPMHU_Logo_LARGEAugust 17, 2015
The National Office is pleased to report that the parties have come to an agreement on the procedures for filling residual vacancies. On August 17, 2015, the USPS and NPMHU entered into a Memorandum of Understanding providing for a specific pecking order when filling residual vacancies.

The MOU only applies to those installations that are not subject to withholding pursuant to Article 12. In those installations, the MOU provides a specific pecking order for filling residual vacancies that most prominently includes the right to return to the installation for those with active retreat rights, the conversion of PTF and PTR Mail Handlers, transfers through e-Reassign, and the conversion of MHAs to career status. Overall, this MOU should provide greater opportunities for our MHAs to achieve career status.

In a separate but related matter, the parties have agreed that the MOU Re Filling of Residual Vacancies does not change current rules or practices on the demotion of EAS/management employees or the reinstatement of employees into the mail handler craft. For clarity on this point, the parties have reached agreement by way of a separate MOU Re Demotion of EAS/Management Employees or Reinstatement of Former Employees into Mail Handler Craft, through which the parties agree to refer unresolved matters of demotion or reinstatement to the Article 12 Task Force.

Both MOUs and President Hogrogian’s notification to Local Presidents:

Source: Agreement Reached on Procedures to Fill Residual Vacancies – National Postal Mail Handlers Union

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