New PM Change list; Intentional delay of mail?

Meet the new boss… better than the old boss?


Meet the new boss… better than the old boss?
By – July 11, 2020
This was shared online and it is from what I assume must be a DM (District manager) or MPOO (Manager Post Office Operations).. I do not know the original source.

PMGs expectations and plan
POT (Penalty Overtime?) will be eliminated. This is not cost effective and will be taken away

Overtime will be eliminated. Again we are paying too much in OT. If the plants run late they will keep the mail for the next day. If you get mail and your carriers are gone and you cannot get the mail out without OT it will remain for the next day. It must be reported in CSDRS (Computer program)

The PMG stated some of the most influential people in the USPS are the DM, (District manager) AVP’s (Area Vice President) and corporate support. They are the people he will looking at first for savings.

Level 18 offices that has a customer service window open more than 8 hours will close for lunch to meet the 8 hour time. Once we get through the level 18’s they will be looking at level 20s and possibly 21 offices for the same process. You all have the information to be timely on the submission on the signage and times you are proposing to close.

Any employee who is not working a full day, regardless of craft or EAS (executive administrative schedule – supervisors and up I believe) and you are abusing time, this will be reported and investigated. This is again, not cost effective and just not proper integrity for any employee from the craft to the highest levels of corporate management. The PMG states this is inefficiency in the organization and will be looked at. This is something I have gone over countless time and focus will be hard on this.

Workers compensation cases will be looked at to either get them back to work or find another avenue for them.

All details, 204, OIC other than approved details will be discontinued. This is all of them. We have people in sales, call centers and so on, they will all be terminated and you will work your form 50 job. We will be filling all EAS vacancies so if you have a vacant job, it needs to be posted and awarded. If you have a job being taken by someone on detail, they will be coming back. ALL details will be terminated.

These are some of the first wave of changes that will be coming to the USPS this year. Many of the changes are are good and should have been done years ago. We all need to embrace these changes to keep the USPS in service. The PMG said this..

We all must have a different mindset to keep the usps alive
He did not say to keep it going with some savings, these changes need to be done to keep the USPS alive. If you think we are beyond untouchable I will remind you of US Steel. In 1975 they were the largest company in the world. They are gone. GM has closed many plants including 2 in Ohio. Packard Electric, they are gone. Many if not all of these due to those companies not wanting to change and be profitable. You all must be a part of this. Things will change and we need to stop thinking like we did decades ago.

All routes will have no more than 4 park points. We will moving towards that this summer. Park points are abused, not cost effective and taken advantage of

DUOs (Delivery Unit Optimization) are on the table again

All routes will not start before DUT. (Distribution Up time) So if you are getting DUT up late because of the work staff, you will change start times. The plants are not to send the mail late. DUTs must be met or you will move your carriers to the DUT. This means we may have carriers starting as late as 0900 in some cases but will not start them any later

SDO (Scheduled Day off – city) usage will be decreased dramatically. The POOMS (Post Office Operations Manager) and only the POOMS can authorize SDO. Any PM from this point that uses an SDO on their own will have to answer for it. There is NO SDO USAGE WITHOUT THE POOMS APPROVAL… PERIOD. If you are one of the leaders that assist me and feel I will not mind, you are wrong. 100% follow up will taken for using an SDO without permission from me

If we cannot deliver the mail due to call offs or shortage of people and you have no other help, the mail will not go out and you will have to report this in CSDRS

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First Name: Philip
Last Name: Morgan
Union/Local : APWU – Fayetteville, Arkansas Local 667
Office held if any: Alt Maintenance Steward

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