NAPUS: Level 6 POStPlan Offices Not Included in Limited Area of Consideration Posting

napusNAPUS National President, Tony Leonardi, and LEAGUE National President, Mark Strong, received the following explanation from Vice President, Labor Relation, Doug A. Tulino, concerning the inclusion of Level 6 POStPLAN offices during Limited Area of Consideration (LAC) posting scheduled for July 8, 2014 through July 23, 2014.

The APWU has filed a national level dispute regarding the Postal Service’s decision to staff Level 6, Level 4, and Level 2 offices with part-time career Postmasters and PMRs.  The case has been arbitrated, the parties have submitted briefs, and we are awaiting the arbitrator’s ruling.  Until we get that ruling, it would be inappropriate to include the Level 6 offices as a viable landing spot for Postmasters, because if we receive an adverse ruling from the arbitrator, those offices would not be a viable landing spot.

via NAPUS.

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