NAPUS: Documenting Bargaining Unit Work Update

Recently we have received updated information from Postal Service concerning documenting bargaining unit work performed by local management in Level 18 offices. Here’s the latest substance on End-of-Day reports:

“The intent of item 2.A of the December 5, 2014, Global Settlement Remedy Agreement is to have a POS record of the amount of time during the course of a service day a level 18 Postmaster has logged into POS to staff the retail window. In order to capture that time, Postmasters shall run an End-of-Day report each time they log off POS throughout the day. As there has been some misunderstanding regarding this matter, both Headquarters Labor Relations and Customer Service will be messaging the Areas to ensure it is addressed, accordingly.”

Please note, this information is a change to what was posted on this web-site on April 15, 2015, when we reported, based upon information receive from Headquarters, that an End-of Day report would not be required each time Postmasters logged off of POS.

Source: NAPUS

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