NALC: Protecting letter carrier work

December 2022 Postal Record
With staffing issues existing in many parts of the country, NALC has received numerous reports of management utilizing employees from other bargaining-unit crafts to perform city letter carrier work. There also have been reports of city letter carriers being forced to work in other crafts. Protecting the work in the letter carrier craft is important, and local branches must carefully monitor cross-craft assignments both inside and outside of the letter carrier craft. While the Postal Service does have the ability to assign employees across craft lines, there are contractual limitations. This article will review these prohibitions and exceptions to the assignment of city letter carrier work.

Articles 1 and 7 of the National Agreement protect city letter carrier work and are vital to the craft. Specifically, Article 1 prohibits supervisors, including bargaining-unit employees serving in a temporary supervisor (204b) position, from performing bargaining-unit work.

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Source: NALC

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