NALC President: 24 million reasons to reverse course

Although letter carriers are fortunate enough to have good health insurance through our jobs, we have a lot riding on whether President Trump reverses course on health care. Of course, we worry for our families and friends and, as Americans, we care about what kind of country we are—whether we care for the disabled and those in nursing homes, or not. But for us, Trump’s choice will tell us even more about our own futures.

If he sides with the anti-government radicals in the House, we can expect the same kind of attacks on our health insurance and pensions. Plans to raise our pension contributions by 5 to 6 percent each pay period, to eliminate the FERS basic annuity, and to turn FEHBP into an under-funded voucher plan have been around for years. If Trump endorses Ryan’s radical libertarianism, those plans could be dusted off and advanced once again. And it would not necessarily stop there.

The fight over health care, and whatever comes next, makes our political diversity and nationwide letter carrier activist network vital.


2 thoughts on “NALC President: 24 million reasons to reverse course

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Ernest Johnson
    Office held, if any
    Local #78 Retiree Chapter, President
    Mr. Rolando the message being sent by you in this post is we have a lot riding on whether the President reverses course on Healthcare. Well Sir, its my sad duty to inform you and the ones
    unaware of which, spoken of by you, is filled with the Strawman provision tactics! Please stick to the subject, your support of H.R. 756 is what channels the debate among postal retirees near and far. We are looking for clarity in your actions and deeds resembling our best interest. The largemailers and other stakeholders are realizing huge returns (Service Fees) dressed in our federal based Healthcare coverage.
    Sir in The American Postal Worker magazine May-June 2012, Page 7, PMG Donohoe tells congress ” Take Postal Workers out of Federal healthcare Program. Further he stated, “such a move would save $7 Billion annually. The Postal Service should be allowed to administer its own program.
    Ranking Member Rep. Cummings vehemently disagreed with that premise. He’s skeptical that the USPS can or should manage its health insurance system. …I suspect that the achievable cost savings would come not from shrinking healthcare cost, but from shifting them onto employees”. Nothing changed with any of that except APWU vehemently opposed at that time taking postal employees out of the federal program, OMG; what happened?
    Please assure the concerned retirees and those not aware by sharing in laymen’s term one example of the financial realization reflecting that which relied on by you requesting support. What is the projected service fee amount being realized by the four unions?

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU Oakland Ca.
    Office held, if any
    Legislative Dir. (Ret.)
    Mr. Rolando, please don’t pretend you care about postal workers and their health care. As NALC President you spoke for postal management, not the retirees.

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