NALC Postal Reform Explanation Leaves Questions Unanswered About Health Care Provisions

What the NALC still doesn’t explain is will the benefits for the retirees in the postal-only FEHB plans be exactly the same as in the non-postal FEHB plans? Will they stay the same in the future? That seems unlikely.

Currently, FEHB plans return the savings they get from retirees having Medicare A and B primary by reducing their copays, eliminating deductibles, adding benefits like gym memberships, giving them discounts on glasses and hearing aids, reducing copays on prescriptions, and refunding up to half of their Medicare Part B premium. These goodies for retirees with Medicare A and B primary are listed in Section 9 of each FEHB plan booklet.

If USPS retirees over age 65 start paying lower FEHB premiums, what incentive would the FEHB plans have to continue offering these goodies for postal retirees?

The Postal Service wants to lower FEHB premiums for all retirees, so the 72% portion they pay is less. Would they care if the FEHB benefits to postal retirees were correspondingly reduced?


First Name: Don
Last Name: Cheney
Union/Local: APWU – Auburn WA Local
Office held if any: Retired President

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